Wednesday, 13 June 2012

1980 Pacific hurricane season

The 1980 Pacific hurricane season was an ongoing event in tropical cyclone meteorology. This season may be described through a series of negatives: no one was killed; no damage was inflicted; and no tropical cyclones made landfall. Indeed, this season is mostly notable due to a lack of notable tropical cyclones.
The season officially started May 15, 1980 in the eastern Pacific, and June 1, 1980 in the central Pacific, and lasted until November 30, 1980. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northeastern and central Pacific Ocean. However, due to an early system that crossed in from the western Pacific, this season actually began in April.

Excluding the storm that entered from the western Pacific basin and an unnamed tropical depression, fourteen tropical storms and hurricanes formed. This total is slightly below the long-term average. All eastern Pacific systems this year formed in the eastern Pacific proper.