Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Kayes (Bambara Kayi, Soninké Xaayi) is a city in western Mali on the Sénégal River, with a population of 127,368 at the 2009 census. Kayes is the capital of the administrative region of the same name. The name "Kayes" comes from the Soninké word "karré", which describes a low humid place that floods in rainy season. The city is located 420 kilometres (260 mi) northwest of the capital Bamako.


  1. Seems like things have to get pretty nasty before people pay attention on the hurricane front. That's why I appreciate Immediate Response Group and FEMA, who are PROACTIVE in helping people respond to disasters before they happen.

    1. Agreed James. I'm not familiar with FEMA, but I know Immediate Response Group does an excellent job with disaster preparation.